My Rating System

Yes I had to use elephants. Elephants are cool.

They essentially work like the 5-star system, with halves also. The basis of what each start means is close to those used on

 5 Elephants: Perfect book in every way.
4.5 Elephants: Near perfect book.

4 Elephants: I really enjoyed this book.
3.5 Elephants: This book was pretty good.

3 Elephants: I liked this book.

2.5 Elephants: Some bits were good, but the rest was just OK.

2 Elephants: This book was OK.

1.5 Elephants: Some bits of the book were OK, but I felt it was a waste of my time.

1 Elephant: I did not like this book.

0.5 Elephants: I loathe this book.

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