Monday, 16 September 2013

The Parbuckling of Costa Concordia

Remember the Costa Concordia that run aground in January 2012?

Well this week it's finally getting salvaged. Sounds like a difficult job, and it is even more so due to it's location in the Tuscan Marine Sanctuary, a rare area where dolphins and whales still frolic near the European shoreline. Because of this, the ship cannot be broken up, nor can the tonnes of fuel it carries be let into the environment. Added to this, the vessel is precariously situated upon the edge of a steep underwater slope.

Titan Salvage, the company conducting the operation has already started on an ingenious plan to re-float the vessel. They have built an underwater platform for the ship to be turned over upon and then re floated. The turning over of the ship is scheduled for this week.

Take a look at the plans at the Titan Salvage website.

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