Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Theo Gray's Periodic Table of Elements Cards

For all of you not in the know Theo Gray is an element collector and author of several amazing works that I adore. He takes beautiful photos of the objects and he has published them in one of his earliest works 'The Elements'. After the success of this book he has since put out other books, a jigsaw puzzle, calenders and this deck of cards. 
Like all of his work they are a combination of great visuals, great design and a smattering of great and accurate information. 

Of course Theo didn't just design these as flip cards, but as decoration and playing around with. So this morning I found myself moving some furniture and constructing a periodic table with these cards. It left a  this science nerd very happy.


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  1. For Christmas I got a pretty cool coffee cup - with a legible periodic table printed on it. I offered the three children in the room the following challenge (two were my own). Collectively come up with ten elements - five bucks each. Come up with 20 - $20 each (and put away your smart phones).

    They got nine. Last time I tried I got something like 65-69 - fewer if you insist on perfect spelling. Try it!