Sunday, 11 August 2013

Addicted to Geoguessr

GeoGuessr is a brilliantly addictive game created by Anton Wallen where the object is to guess where the hell you are. So the main image (left hand side) is a Street View from Google Maps with no info on location. You can move along the road, zoom in and out and see the cardinal direction. On the right is a map of the planet where you must place a marker for where you thing the Street View is from. You can zoom in on this map also if you need greater accuracy. There are 5 rounds to each game and points are awarded for accuracy, or how far away your guess was to the actual location.

I have discovered two ways you can play this. The first is what I guess is the way it was intended to play and to actually look at the surroundings and take a guess. The second way, the 'cheat' way is to move along the road until you see something that may identify the location, such as a sign and google the information. This way is much more time consuming, especially if you are plonked in the middle of nowhere and there are no signs for kilometres. But the eventual tracking down of the exact location, the very high score and the aim to get a 0 m distance is a real buzz.

So fellow geeks, put aside a few hours, follow the link: Geoguessr

Maybe post your high scores in the comments, both cheating and non-cheating scores.


  1. 32051 Cheating

  2. 13889 non-cheating

    1. Nice! That's a pretty good non-cheating score.