Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Being in David Attenborough's Presence

What did you do on Friday night? Pizza? Movie?

I just ended up hanging out with my friend Sir David Attenborough. Sure I had to pay about $100 and there was a couple of thousand other people there, and I was about 50 metres away, I'll give you that.

David did a talking tour of Australia last week and I was lucky enough to secure a ticket for the Canberra show. He was previously scheduled to come a couple of months earlier, but was advised by his doctor to have a pacemaker installed before he travels. So we ended up seeing a him one step closer to immortal cyborg David Attenborough.

The show consisted of him being interviewed and telling anecdotes which were interspersed with footage from his work over the years. He is a great speaker and storyteller and the three hours went by very quickly. What I especially enjoyed we're stories from the very early years of television broadcasting where he produced live studio-bound documentaries.

David Attenborough is an amazing and humble man. He has the uncanny knack of revealing deeper layers of beauty in nature and his message of the importance of the ecosystem and conservation is more pertinent now than ever. I'd say that he is one of the greatest educators and communicators in the history of the humanity. Big call, but his work speaks for itself.

Anyway, I guess my message is watch and listen to David. Seek out his work.  Definitely one of my heroes.

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  1. I love the title of his tour - A Life on Earth. Somebody had fun with that one :-)