Monday, 22 July 2013

Hello non-existent audience,

So today I'm making a blog.

Why? Because there just isn't enough people writing shit that no one will ever read on the interweb and it seems to be so hip and new in 2013. Now without sarcasm, I need to improve my writing skills both professionally (science) and for my book reviews. So even though no one reads this, I am improving my skills.

My professional writing includes preparing to write my thesis as well as review articles for scientific literature. Also I write book reviews on as 'Brendon Schrodinger'. I hope to improve these reviews, so that maybe one day I can write book reviews for a web page with an audience.

So the intention is to post my book reviews as I read, as well as improve and edit past reviews, as well as post interesting scientific ideas and other cool random stuff that I may want to share and talk about. There may be a lot of Doctor Who chat also.



  1. Somebody is always listening, Brendon! If nothing else, I'm sure a half-aware computer named Mike buried deep in the basement of a secret NSA bunker must be crying out for something intelligent to read.

    Altogether an admirable goal - the fine art of writing is fast dying out in this fallen world of half-baked acronyms and atrocious spelling. It's past time we nerds took a stand :-)

  2. Thank you conclavia. It is great to have another ally in the nerd uprising.