Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Doctor Who Rumours Are Driving Me Crazy

For the past couple of months Doctor Who rumours have started to niggle at my mind, but today I have hit an all new level of craziness.

Amazingly, it's not even on the casting of the Twelfth (13th?) Doctor. I find that speculating on the casting is a bit of a waste of time as I trust Moffatt and the crew to select someone fit for the role, and I recognise that it will unlikely be someone I know.

So what is driving me crazy?

Is the Eighth Doctor in the fiftieth?


Well according to rumours, yes Paul McGann has filmed SOMETHING for Doctor Who. The involvement of McGann in this episode means a lot to most fans and he only appeared on television once as the Doctor. And he was a magnificent Doctor despite a poorly written script and a crazy producer trying to change the direction of the show. McGann has since proved his value as the Doctor by starring in many Big Finish audio releases.

My wishful thinking is saying yes he is going to be in the special, with the fact that John Hurt is the Time War Doctor who succeeded McGann. Maybe he only filmed a regeneration sequence.

We need to see the Eighth Doctor again.

  • Those pesky found episode rumours won't go away.

If you have no idea what is "missing" go here.

Months and months of "Yes there are episodes, but shhhhhh", "actually all rumours are false. There are no episodes".

The latest is that the BBC is making all Who crew and ANYONE involved sign non-disclosure agreements about the supposed found episodes.

All other episode finds in the past have been announced as soon as the BBC has their hands on the print with a huge fanfare. Why would they keep this quiet?
  • As a surprise for fans on the fiftieth? Well they should have known there would be leakage. And why not announce and keep number and title reveals until later? Announce one each month if it is true that they now have multiple.
  • They are dealing with some snide business people who have their grubby hands on the prints and are in some fierce negotiations. In this case I can kind of understand the reluctance.

    Anyway these two rumours are driving me crazy as they are toying with my heart. I wish so much that the Eighth Doctor was on screen again, and that we could watch some lost episodes.

    I guess I'll know something on the Eighth Doctor front on the 23rd of November, but who knows about the missing episode rumours.

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